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We like to send your website to your attendant whenever possible so that they know a little bit about your story before the big day. Add your site below if you have one. :)
If you're using one!
Attendant vendor meal
Will a vendor meal be provided for the attendant? This is not required, but always appreciated. A four hour event is typically 7-8 hours with set up, breakdown, and commute, so the team is always grateful to be fed. We like to be able to let them know to plan for food or not. Thanks!
Table for album
Please let us know if your venue will provide a table.
Skip if you do not have an album with your package
If you have chosen white paper, you can choose all black pens or black + color pens. Skip if you have chosen black paper, which comes with metallic pens automatically. Please read the "album" section to answer any questions about our album service.
Anything additional that you want us to note for your file that pertains to this form. Please do not include design requests in this form, rather use the design request form- thank you!