There are 3 options for photo strip design:

1. Choose from the gallery of pre-designed footers.  Many can be changed to match your event colors.  Please describe the colors that you would like for us to use and/or send pictures/fonts/etc.  Please note that not all colors and or graphics are able to be customized , please check with us if you have questions. You may submit your request in the pre-event form which you can access through the client portal.

2.  A graphic designer or your invitation designer can create your design. For the classic booth, the dimensions are 600x450 pixels for a 3 image per photo strip graphic, or 600x225 for a 4 image per photo strip graphic.  For the Event booth, the dimensions are 640x480 & there must be 3 images per strip. The finished graphic can be sent to  Please use the subject line "Graphic for event // Event Date" to make it easy for us to find. Thanks!

3.  We can custom design a graphic for you.  Please send as much inspiration as possible.   Please keep in mind that the overall print size for each photo strip is 2” wide.  That’s a pretty small space for type, so in general using the largest font possible is what looks best.  The cost is $60 and includes 1 design choice with 3 revisions.  

For weddings, sending a high quality copy of your invitation is the most help to nail down colors.  Names + Date are the most common designs for weddings, simple phrases like “Happy Birthday _ “ or “Sam’s Bar Mitzvah” are what is usually used for these events. 

Please send your request for a custom design at least 30 days prior to your event.**  We will look over what you send and let you know what’s possible.  Please send high quality images via dropbox to  Dropbox is free and is the best way to send a large file.  Small files can simply be emailed.

We also need to know which you prefer, 3 photos/strip or 4 photos/strip (see examples above).  Both look great, but 3 image photo strips provide for more design space if you are looking to add more than two lines of text.  ** Please note that for Event Booth, Box Booth, & Open Style booths, we recommend 3 image photo strips or 4x6 layouts.

You can submit your choice in the Pre- event form in your client portal, and we'll begin with the design process from there. 

** If you have booked your photo booth within 30 days of your event, we can sometimes still fit in your custom design, please send in the request as soon as possible to