How to get the most out of your wedding photo booth


  •  Remember to get in the booth as early as possible.  You'll be happier with the pics if  you get in early..for women, your make up is better, you have all of your "stuff" on, etc
  • Take at LEAST one photo strip with just the two of you (be wary of photo bombing!).  You'll want that pic as a keepsake.
  • When you get in together, take two or three sessions in a row. Our booth is really fast, it takes much less time to take 2 sessions than to find time to get back in.
  • We recommend at least one session as newlyweds with no props.
  • Get in a few group shots with your wedding party members
  • Don't wait until the end of the night to do all of your photo boothing, and remember that the older guests & guests with small children will likely leave before the end of the reception- take any pics with these special guests earlier on in the night.
  • The photo booth might be the only time you are alone together all night.  Take advantage and enjoy a moment to soak it all in!