On a walk through of your venue, please keep in mind the placement of your photo booth. We see much more use of the photo booth when it’s located where the party is. We do recommend considering space for groups of people waiting in line, volume, and weather. If you are hoping to get a lot of signatures in your album, it's best if the photo booth and table is not set up next to a loud speaker.  Ask your venue contact where the photo booth is usually placed & what your options are for your particular set up and tables.

If possible, we recommend indoor placement to ensure that your guests will get a lot of photos in the booth. Southern California can still get chilly at night for most of the year, and women will often be wearing dresses or skirts at special events.

If you have a coordinator, we will connect with him or her to receive the floor plan and timeline.  If you do not, please either send your floor plan to two weeks before your event.  You can also email or call if you or your coordinator needs help determining where to best place the photo booth.  

Please note: Once the photo booth is set up, the fee to move locations is $125 and must be approved first.  


Please request a table for the album, so that your guests can sign & also so that you can place any props that you may have. A 6ft table with linen to match your reception works very well. If you cannot secure a table, we can bring a table with black linen (must be requested in advance). The attendant will use archival sticky tabs to place the photo strip into the album for the guest, which keeps the album looking nice & does not require that your guests do anything other than write a message for you next to their photo.